Salute to the brave wife of the martyr Maj Vibhuti on the social media


Major Vatu Shankar Dhundial of Dehradun, who was killed in an encounter with the terrorists in Pulwama, has greeted the whole nation on the unprecedented last fare given by his wife Nikita Kaul. During the last farewell of the martyr, two photos which touch their heart while saluting their eyes for tears have become viral on social media. People posted, commented, linked and shared large numbers of their photos. Everyone’s appreciation of the courage of the wife in the hour of misery.

On Tuesday morning, the pictures touched on the heart of the martyr’s wife at around ten in the morning, became viral on social sites. Cyber Expert Ankur Chandrakant told that 6,40,555 people on Facebook followed this two photos by 8 o’clock last night. At the same time, 15,638 people shared and gave their feedback. More than five hundred posts it on their wall. 2,25,638 on Instagram saw these two photographs and 4736 responded. At the same time, these pictures were seen in the WhatsApp, What’s Up Groups, 10, 35, 378 times. 350 people posted it on Instagram.

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat while sharing two photos on his twitter account, wrote, “The death of Shaheed Maj Vaibuti Shankar Dhondialal Ji, the last farewell of his wife and daughter’s daughter, will always inspire us to take responsibility for the martyrs’ families. . Veer never dies, they become immortal in the form of martyrs.’


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