Schools will be fined for breaking traffic rules


Failure to abide by the new Motor Vehicles Act could result in penalties being imposed on schools. To ensure compliance of this act in schools, CBSE has issued a new circular. In this, instructions have been issued for school drivers including students coming from scooters. CBSE Regional Officer Ranveer Singh said that the new Motor Vehicles Act has been implemented in the country. In some states it is fully implemented and in some it is not yet fully implemented. But it has to be implemented later. Therefore all schools have been asked to implement the provisions of the new Act and make preparations thereon. The school management is fully responsible for the safety of the children coming to school from the school bus.

Therefore, all schools operating school buses must take care that the fitness of the buses, RC, driver’s diving license, pollution certificate, insurance is completely correct. If not found, penalty will be imposed on the schools concerned. Students coming to school from their scooters will also keep all kinds of paper updates of the vehicle. Not only this, the school will have to tell the students about over speed, not using mobile phones while coming to schools. It will be the responsibility of the school to see if the students are following the Vehicle Act.


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