Indian Navy SSB Interview Procedure & Frequently asked Questions Answers


The students who are preparing for the Indian Navy for the Officer rank. This is done by the SSB in the various centres of the SSB. The candidates who are preparing for the SSB Interview has to cross the last stage of the SSB for the defence services.

Indian Navy SSB Interview Procedure 10+2

The overall personality of the Indian Defense Services are based on the overall personality of an Officer. This includes the physical standards & the knowledge of the candidates. The candidates need to sharpen their knowledge & bring the other qualities in them so as to pass all the obstacles in the SSB. One needs to have defense services, discipline and attitude to get in SSB Interview.

ssb interview questions and answers for indian navy pdf

The first step to apply for the exams for the Indian Navy is to apply for the National defense academy (NDA) or combined defense service examination (CDSE) or Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT).

The next step is to get admission in the Indian naval courses around the India. This is done after the full verification of the documents. The SSB Interview is based on the different stages which a candidate need to pass. It is based on five days & these are mentioned one by one.

Day 1

The first stage of the selection process is Stage 1. In this, candidate is shown a picture i.e. Picture Perception and description test and intelligence test for the analyzing of aptitude level of candidate. The tests that are carried out are as follows:

  • Picture Perception and description test
  • Intelligence Test
  • Analyzing the Picture
  • Candidates need to focus on the vital points like facts, characters, moods in the image, Gender and their age. Keen observation is required when pictures are shown to aspirants for writing a brief story.

Day 2

The second day of the selection process is based on the first stage of selection process. The first stage of selection is given for stage 1. Now you need to focus on the stages for the next round of test.

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self-Description Test

These tests will be conducted on the basis of how much attention is being payed by the candidate. Candidates need to make their judging things and situations.

Day 3

This round of selection is a procedure of complete process of performing in a group whihc is known as GTO Round 1. These following tasks are to be done by the candidates who undergo through this.

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise
  3. Progressive Group task.
  4. Group Obstacle Race
  5. Half Group Task

Day 4

The stage four of the selection process is to clear the mind of candidate in the next round of Interview. It is being carried on day 3 and in this stage the tasks carried are:

  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command tasks
  • Final Group Tasks

Day 5

The next round is the final round of the selection. This includes some of the tough tasks in which in which conference is held where interview officer panel interview candidate i.e. personal interview is carried out on day-5 just normal round of questioning.

And all after the days are complete, a candidate is hired by the forces as per the score in the round from day-1 to day-5.

Recent Interview Questions at Navy SSB

As we know the work experience of Indian navy is very much difference to any other job in the country. Th young men and women who are selected in the Indian navy Officer Jobs are living an incredible life during the service.

SSB Interview Questions and Answers for Indian Navy PDF

It gives an amazing opportunity to the Officers to display leadership skills and bestows one with a tremendous amount of responsibility at a very young age. Interview is an important part of Navy SSB. It is always advised to go prepared. Given below are some questions which were recently asked in the interview of Indian Navy.

Recent Interview Questions at Navy SSB

  • Tell the neighboring countries of India.
  • Tell the water bodies surrounding India.
  • Which is the southern-most point of India?
  • Any recent National, International and sports news.
  • What lies west of Arabian Sea?
  • Questions related to Tibet and Dalai Lama.
  • If you are from engineering be prepared to be grilled in your basic subject.
  • Questions related to Afghanistan, Myanmar.
  • Who is stricter in your family? An example for the same.
  • What do you do to keep yourself fit? If run/jog then calculate the speed.
  • Are you in a relationship? If yes then how intimate if no then why, are you homosexual?
  • Similarities and differences between you and your lover.
  • Your strength and weakness.
  • Why did you fail last time (Repeaters)?
  • What special preparation you have done this time to ensure success?
  • What are your other career options?
  • Why you want to join Indian Navy?
  • Considering the recent mishaps in Navy, if your parents don’t allow you to join Navy how will you convince them?
  • What kind of guy/girl would you like to marry?
  • Tell you percentage of marks from class 10th onwards.
  • Suppose if God appears in front of you and asks you to change something from you past what will you wish for?
  • How can you say that you are responsible? Give few incidents from your life to show that you are responsible.

If you are planning to join the Indian Navy, then you can see the details from here. The salary details & the growth , promotion opportunities are given here. You can visit for more information. Thank You.


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