SSC is the short form for Staff Selection Commission. SSC conducts every year this exam for the various posts in the Graduation level. for the posts in the Government jobs. The posts in the notification are more than 30 types in different ministries/department/organisation.The SSc exam is a very important exam for the students who are searching for the government job & who apply for the exam.

The exam is one of the most important chance in the life where you can get a very good job for you. The exam is very important for a students who is going to the job security. There are so many posts which you can apply for. The most important reason is handsome salary and other perks and benefits that one get to enjoy after selection.

SSC Post Wise Salary Details 2018

There are so many questions which you have to ask for the application of SSC CGL exam. Do you know about the job profile or do you have all the prior information about the salary structure with the relevant post. How much you are going to earn as per the post. You must have all the information with you for all the better post.

About SSC Post Wise Salary Details 2018

This post will provide you the details of the salary structure, salary in hand of various post/ job profile of SSC CGL exam are given.

SSC CGL Salary Structure – Different Post In 2018

The salary will be explained afterwards when we will let you know about the various posts where you can apply for. There are so many different posts where you can apply for them. The top recruitment exams are condcuted by the SSC.  which are given as.

The commission adds one or more new posts in the list everywhere & this year three posts were included.

Group ‘B’ Posts

Assistant Audit Officer Details Assistant Section Officer Details
Assistant(Central Vigilance Commission) Details Assistant(Intelligence Bureau) Details
Assistant(Ministry of Railway) Details Assistant(Ministry of External Affairs) Details
Assistant(AFHQ) Details Assistant(Other ministry Department) Details
Inspector(CBEC) Details Inspector(Preventive Officer) Details
Inspector Examiner(CBEC) Details Assistant Enforcement Officer Details
Assistant(Other Ministries) Details Sub Inspector(CBI) Details
Inspector of Any Post(Departmental) Details Statistical Investigator Gr III Details
Inspector(Central Bureau of Narcotics) Details Sub Inspector(NIA) Details


Group ‘C’ Posts

Inspector Income Tax(CBDT) Details Auditor(Offices under CAG) Details
Auditor(Offices under CGDA) Details Auditor(Offices under CGA and others Details
Accountant/Junior Accountant(Under CAG) Details Accountant/Junior Accountant(Under CGA and other) Details
Accountant/Jr. Accountant – Under C & AG Details Secretariat Assistant Details
Tax Assistant(CBDT) Details Tax Assistant(CBEC) Details
Compiler (Registrar General of India) Details Sub-Inspector (CBN) Details
Divisional Accountant (Offices under CAG) Details


So you have got the basic idea of all the posts where you need to know about the posts. Now you can see the appropriate changes in the order of preference so that you make  appropriate changes to the order of preference of post as per your goals and requirements.

SSC CGL Salary 2018 And Post Description

After knowing all the details of the job description & job profile fro here. You must use this information from here. The nature of duties & job and of course the salary you will get in the whole service period.

This is the list for all the job profile where you can compare and make the decision before you apply for any of these posts.

Assistant Audit Officer (AAO)

Job Profile :– AAO has to conduct audits involving financial, performance analysis, compliance aspects. He also have to audit officer and senior audit officer, and will take sectional level decisions which then has to be reported to higher authorities.

Nature of Job: Generally is a desk job but has to travel during the inspection period.

Department: The Indian Audits and Account Department.

Salary:  Grade pay- 4800

Career Progression :- This post is added by the commission recently. The promotion is done to Audit officer in 6-10 years and then to Senior Audit Officer in 2-4 years of first promotion.

Assistant Section Officer (Central Secretariat Service or CSS)

Job Profile :– This job is based on moslty clerical work like preparing reports, notes, drafting etc. and then send them to superiors (section officer, under secretary etc).

Nature of Job:–  Pure desk job only.

Department:  Posting in various ministries in Delhi.

Salary:- Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression:-  The period of promotion is not fixed but the first promotion will be of  section officer, then under secretary, following deputy secretary, and finally director.

Assistant(Central Vigilance Commission)

Job Profile:–  The main job of Assistant Section Officer is to update the case files, liaison with the respective departments and collect the required information, record keeping and performing duties as laid by the rules.

Nature of Job:  Desk job

Department:  It is under central vigilance commission which monitors the vigilance activities carried out by various central govt. organizations.

Salary: Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression: You will be promoted as section officer within 7-8 years. After that, to Under secretary, moving to Deputy Secretary and then Director.

Assistant(Intelligence Bureau)

Job Profile:- The job is based on the Investigating Officer but spend most of his time on computer/data oriented work for Intelligence Bureau. You will be posted at state headquarters in Investigation Bureau cell in Delhi.

Nature of Job :- The job is majority for the desk job but might have to travel sometimes.

Department: Intelligence Bureau.

Salary: Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression:The promotion will be made in around 7-8 years to section officer, then to under secretary, then to deputy secretary, and finally to Director.

Assistant (Ministry of Railway)

Job Profile: This post is superior to the upper division clerk.The job profile is based on  clerical work, like completing files and making reports. It is considered one of most preferred job as you get free and discounted railway passes for travelling anywhere in India.

Nature of Job: Desk job

Department: Indian Railway

Salary: Grade pay-4600

Career Progression: The promotion is done to the sectional officer after 7-8 years, and after 5-6 years if you clear dept. exam, then, under secretary, moving to deputy secretary, and finally retiring at director post.

Assistant (Ministry of External Affairs)

Job Profile: The job is based on the administration work like planning and examining documents, compiling reports, updating about events, noting, drafting, and communicating with the head office. You will be posted in Delhi, but can also serve in all India MEA offices.

Nature of Job: Typical desk job

Department: Ministry of External Affairs

Salary: Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression: The first promotion is from Assistant to Section Officer(SO) takes 4-5 yrs (if clear dept exam), otherwise 10-14 yrs on seniority basis. Most Assistants in MEA gets 3 career promotions and retires from Deputy Director level or at max Director Level.


Job Profile:- This includes basic work like noting/drafting, dealing with files, making reports and keep track of ongoing cases.

Nature of Job: Desk job

Department: Armed Forces Headquarters under the ministry of defense.

Salary: Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression:  This is like any other Assistant post, your first promotion would be of Section Officer in 4-5 years(not fixed). Further promotions in this post will be of Deputy Director, Joint Director, Director and Principal Director.

Assistant(Other Ministries/Department)

Job Profile:- There are so many other organisation under Govt of India, like department of personnel & training, parliamentary affairs, election commission etc. And you will be posted in one of them. You will have to do regular clerical work.

Nature of Job: Desk job

Department: Various ministries/department/organisation.

Salary: Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression: Similar to that of other Assistant.

Central Exercise Inspector(CBEC)

Job Profile:  The job is varies on the various places where you are posted i.e range, division, custom houses, ports and sometimes even headquarter.

You will be dealing in the clerical work if you are posted in headquarter & if you are posted in the field work , then you can monitor and seal goods which needs to be exported & detection of evasion of taxes etc. In case posted in Preventive wing, you may also assist the search and raid teams.

Nature of Job: Desk job and field work too.

Department The Central board of excise and customs (CBEC) is a part of the department of revenue under the ministry of finance.

Salary: Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression: The first promotion is done after eight years. With first promotion, you will become Superintendent. Second promotion is of Assistant Commissioner, and then to other higher posts.

Preventive Officer Inspector(CBEC)

Job Profile:- It is similar to the central exercise inspector, your work will depend on where you will be posted. You might get to do all the clerical work or executive work (prevention of smuggling) and mostly assessment of customs duty on goods.

Nature of Job: Depending on where you will be posted it could be desk job or field work.

Department: CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs)

Salary: Grade pay-4600

Career Progression: After the eight to ten years of service is done and clearing departmental exam, first promoted to superintendent, and then to higher post.

Examiner Inspector(CBEC)

Job Profile: The job is like a clerical work or executive work like verifying and examining taxation on goods passing through ports if you get posted in the field.

Nature of Job: It is of both type i.e. Desk job and field work.

Department:  Central Board of Excise and Customs

Salary:  Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression: When the employee completes 3 years of service, he or she is promoted as appraiser, then you will follow promotion order as, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, and Commissioner.

Assistant Enforcement Officer

Job Profile:- The main job of revenue department is to prevent money laundering/forgery etc. Depending on where you are posted, you will have to do office work similar to clerical work, or field work like joining the raid company when it goes somewhere for a raid.

Nature of Job: Desk job or field work.

Department: Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue.

Salary: Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression:There is no fixed promotion period, but you will be first promoted as enforcement officer, and then to assistant director of enforcement, and then to higher post.

Assistant(Other Ministries)

Job Profile: This is a job of an assistant in various departments who comes under Govt of India. Your work profile involves a lot of administrative work and clerical work.

Nature of Job: Desk job.

Department: There are various department/ministries like election commission, dept. of personnel & training etc.

Salary: Grade pay- 4200

Career Progression: The career path is similar to other assistant post.

Sub Inspector(CBI)

Job Profile: The post is based on the field work. It is a very challenging job in terms of a police men work. The job profile is based on the state police. They need to investigate various kind of crime, and mostly you will get those cases which are not solved by local police. Physical training will also be given.

Nature of Job: Field work

Department: Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI)

Salary: Grade pay- 4200

Career Progression: The employee have to complete the 5 years of service to get a promotion of police Inspector. After next 10 years or 12 years he is promoted to the Deputy Superitendant & in next 5-7 years to superintendent.

# Inspector of Post

Job Profile:The main job of inspector is acquiring and promoting business of post offices. You work profile will include lot administrative work as well as field work. You will also be assisting senior officers during inspection in various head post offices, divisional post office etc.

Nature of Job:Both desk job as well field work.

Department:Department of Post.

Salary:Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression:First promotion to assistant superintendent, then career path is as follows: postal superintendent > senior superintendent.

Statistical Investigator

Job Profile: The main job is to collect data/information and then providing the Govt the useful information. Desk work will include Drafting, Dispatching of documents and Data Entry, Analysis, Tabulation, Compiling, Encoding and Editing of Data and field work like conducting surveys.

Nature of Job:It depends on the location where it will be office or field work.

Department: Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation(MOSPI)

Salary: Grade pay- 4200

Career Progression: The promotion is based on the various levels Senior Statistical Officer, Assistant Director, Deputy Director, Joint Director.

Sub Inspector(Central Bureau of Narcotics)

Job Profile:- The nature of job is same as of Inspector but there is much more field work. Your work will include preventing entry of narcotic drugs into the state. You will also assist your seniors in various search raids.

Nature of Job: Field work.

Department: Central Bureau of Narcotics.

Salary: Grade pay- 4200

Career Progression:  The employee will be promoted to the 5-6 years of service, and if you have a good track record then in next 5-7 years you can be promoted as superintendent, and some extra talented candidates also get promoted as assistant narcotics commissioner.

Sub Inspector(NIA)

Job Profile :- This job is based on traveling and working with law enforcement to prevent any kind terrorism. You will also be doing administrative work. You will be working with your seniors in various investigations.

Nature of Job: Mostly field work.

Department: National Investigation Agency(NIA)

Salary: Grade pay- 4200

Career Progression: You will be promoted as inspector (in approx 4-5 years), then superintendent, next is assistant commissioner, and finally Commissioner.

Inspector of Income Tax(CBDT)

Job Profile:  The job profile changes on the basis of location, where you are posted your work profile will include accessing income tax, processing IT records of individuals and business, handling refund claims etc. You may have to also join the raid team.

Nature of Job: It is mixture of Desk as well as field work.

Department: Income Tax Department(Central Board of Direct Taxation)

Salary: Grade pay- 4600

Career Progression: The service period of 4-6 years you will be first promoted as Income Tax Officer(ITO) and then you will have following career path, The Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax (A.C., I.T.), Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax (D.C.I.T.), Joint Commissioner of Income Tax ( J.C.I.T.), Additional Commissioner of Income Tax ( A.D.C.I.T.), Commissioner Of Income Tax.

Inspector (Narcotics)

Job Profile: The work of Inspector in this department is to keep track of cultivation of opium poppy in India and to make sure that there is no illegal use of it in any market. You will have to conduct period checks on the companies and also have to monitor the import/export of banned drugs and that there is no smuggling.

Nature of Job: It is mainly filed job.

Department: Central Bureau of Narcotics.

Salary: Grade pay- 4200

Career Progression:The promotion order is as, Superintendent of Narcotics, Assistant Narcotics Commissioner, Deputy Narcotics Commissioner, and Narcotics Commissioner.

Divisional Accountant(CAG)

Job Profile:  The number of offices under CAG in various cities in which you will be posted. You main work will include auditing the expenses of works/ projects carried out by that state government. You will also make project reports which will be send to CAG head office.

Nature of Job:Desk job with less travelling.

Department: Controller General of Accounts.

Salary: Grade pay- 4200

Career Progression:You will be promoted as Divisional Account Officer II, next to Divisional Account Officer I and finally Sr. Divisional Account Officer.

Auditor(Offices under CAG, CGDA and C&AG)

Job Profile: You will selected for 3 different dept i.e CAG(Controller General of Accounts), CGDA(Controller General of Defence Accounts) and C&AG(Comptroller and Auditor General of India). When you are at the post of auditor your work profile includes auditing the expense reports of various state departments (C & AG), accounts of defence forces (CGDA) & general accounts of the country (CGA).

Nature of Job: Mainly desk job.

Department: CGA, CGDA and C&AG.

Salary: Grade pay- 2800

Career Progression: After 3 years of service you will be promoted as Senior Auditor and in next 2 years after clearing the dept exam you can become Assistant Audit Officer(AAO).

Accountant/Junior Accountant(Offices under C&AG and CGA& Other)

Job Profile: Your work profile under CGA and C&AG will be nearly same although these are two different post. It will include mainly clerical work and passing out various bills, monitoring salary allowances, office expenses, dealing with pensions, GPF etc.

Nature of Job:Desk job only.

Department: Controller General of Accounts and Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Salary:Grade pay- 2800

Career Progression:First promotion after 3 years to Senior Accountant then Assistant Accounts Officer (After AAO exam), Principal Accounts Officer (15 years after AAO) and Senior Accounts Officer.

Senior Secretariat Assistant

Job Profile: Your work profile will include both clerical as well as administrative work. You will have check stated facts and draw attention on any mistake or incorrect statements of facts, maintain all the files in the your department, drafting and replying to RTI and sending then for further approval and keeping records of previous cases along with rules and regulations on particular subject.

Nature of Job:Typically Desk job.

Department: Central Govt. Offices/Ministries other than CSCS cadres.

Salary: Grade pay- 2400

Career Progression: First promotion in 5-7 years to Section Officer and in next 6-7 years you can promoted as Under Secretary then Deputy Secretary and finally Director.

Tax Assistant(CBDT/CBEC)

Job Profile:  As, tax assistant your duties will be equal to clerical grade officer. Working in CBDT you will be accessing, verifying and modifying tax data of an individual or business. Similar work but only for goods and services is done in CBEC board by the tax assistant. In CBEC department you might also have to assist your seniors in administrative work.

Nature of Job: Mainly desk job.

Department: CBDT – Central Board Of Direct Taxation CBEC– Central Board of Excise and Customs.

Salary: Grade pay- 2400

Career Progression: In nearly 3 years first promotion as Senior Tax Assistant and then you will have following career path. i.e. Excise Inspector, Superintendent/Appraiser, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner, Additional Commissioner of Income Tax.

Compiler(Registrar General of India)

Job Profile: As a compiler you will be allotted clerical duties of the department in which you will work, like collecting data, analyzing them and then finally providing the selected information. You will be also making reports on compiling data for the census that work in Indian.

Nature of Job: Desk job

Department:Department of Census in the ministry of Home Affairs.

Salary: Grade pay- 2400

Career progression: No specific promotion duration. But you may get your first promotion in 7-8 years and may end up as director of specific department before retirement.

SSC CGL Salary Structure

SSC provides a very good handsome salary & other benefits which will be based on he different various posts in the departments. It plays a major role in providing employment to so many youngsters who are setting their goals to clear the SSC CGL exam.

The 7th Pay commission provides hike in the SSC CGL salary & we have already written so many things in the same for you. You can see the details of CGL Salary Structure with complete details.

SSC Salary Structure And Details

Salary Components

  1. TA- Travelling Allowances
  2. DA- Dearness Allowances
  3. HRA- House Rent Allowances

Salary Deduction Components

  1. GPF (NPS) : General Provident Fund – New Pension Scheme
  2. CGEGIS : Central Government Employees General Insurance Scheme
  3. CGHS : Central Government Health Scheme
  • Grade Pay – 2400For X, Y and Z city
  • For City X
    Basic :- 25500
    TA :- 3600
    HRA :- 25500*0.24 = 6120
    Gross Salary :- 35200
    GPF (NPS) :- 2250
    CGEGIS :-1500
    CGHS :-125For City Y
    Basic :- 25500
    TA :- 1800
    HRA :- 25500*0.16 = 4080
    Gross Salary :- 31380
    GPF (NPS) :- 2250
    CGEGIS :-1500
    CGHS :-125For City Z
    Basic :- 25500
    TA :- 1800
    HRA :- 25500*0.80 = 2040
    Gross Salary :- 29340
    GPF (NPS) :- 2250
    CGEGIS :- 1500
    CGHS :- 125
  1. Grade Pay – 2800For X, Y and Z city
  2. For City X
    Basic :- 29200
    TA :- 3600
    HRA :- 29200*0.24 = 7008
    Gross Salary :- 39808
    GPF (NPS) :- 2920
    CGEGIS :- 1500
    CGHS :- 125For City Y
    Basic :- 29200
    TA :- 1800
    HRA :- 29200*0.16 = 4672
    Gross Salary :- 35672
    GPF (NPS) :- 2920
    CGEGIS :- 1500
    CGHS :- 125For City Y
    Basic :- 29200
    TA :- 1800
    HRA :- 29200*0.80 = 2336
    Gross Salary :- 33336
    GPF (NPS) :- 2920
    CGEGIS :- 1500
    CGHS :- 125
  1. Grade Pay – 4200For X, Y and Z city
  2. For City X
    Basic :- 35400
    TA :- 3600
    HRA :- 35400*0.24 = 8496
    Gross Salary :- 47496
    GPF (NPS) :- 3540
    CGEGIS :- 2500
    CGHS :- 225For City Y
    Basic :- 35400
    TA :- 1800
    HRA :- 35400*0.16 = 5664
    Gross Salary :- 42864
    GPF (NPS) :- 3540
    CGEGIS :- 2500
    CGHS :- 225For City Y
    Basic :- 35400
    TA :- 1800
    HRA :- 35400*0.80 = 2832
    Gross Salary :- 40032
    GPF (NPS) :- 3540
    CGEGIS :- 2500
    CGHS :- 250
  1. Grade Pay – 4600For X, Y and Z city
  2. For City X
    Basic :- 44900
    TA :- 3600
    HRA :- 44900*0.24 = 10776
    Gross Salary :- 59276
    GPF (NPS) :- 4490
    CGEGIS :- 2500
    CGHS :- 325For City Y
    Basic :- 44900
    TA :- 1800
    HRA :- 44900*0.16 = 7184
    Gross Salary :- 53884
    GPF (NPS) :-4490
    CGEGIS :- 2500
    CGHS :- 350For City Z
    Basic :- 44900
    TA :- 1800
    HRA :- 44900*0.80 = 3529
    Gross Salary :- 50292
    GPF (NPS) :- 4490
    CGEGIS :- 2500
    CGHS :- 350

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SSC CGL Post Wise Salary

The salary is provided as per the posts from here. There are so many posts in the SSC for which we have told the salary. The detailed information of the in hand salary & other group post will be seen here for all the post(Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’) in SSC CGL exam.

The table is given here for you so that you can see the salary details of all the posts from here.

Group Post Grade Pay In Hand Salary(Approx)
‘B’ Assistant Audit Officer 4800 50,725- 57285
‘B’ Assistant Section Officer 4600 36,864-42,044
‘B’ Assistant 4600 36,864-42,044
‘B’ Assistant 46oo 36,864-42,044
‘B’ Assistant 4600 36,864-42044
‘B’ Assistant 4600 36,864-42,044
‘B’ Assistant 4600 36,864-42,044
‘B’ Assistant 4600 36,864-42,044
‘B’ CBEC 4600 36,864-42,044
‘B’ CBEC 4600 36,864-42,004
‘B’ Inspector(Examiner) 4460 36,864-42,004
‘B’ Assistant Enforcement Officer 4600 36,864,-42,004
‘B’ Assistant 4200 29,455-33,907
‘B’ Sub Inspector 4200 29,455-33,907
‘B’ Inspector of Post 4200 29,455-33,907
‘B’ Statistical Investigator GrII 4200 29,455-33,907
‘B’ Inspector 4600 36,864- 42,044
‘B’ Sub Inspector 4200 29,455-33,907
‘C’ Inspector(Income tax) 4600 36,864-42,044
‘C’ Auditor 2800 25,123-29,147
‘C’ Accountant/Junior Accountant 2800 25,123-29,147
‘C’ Senior Secretariat Assistant 2400 22,121-25,855
‘C’ Tax Assistant 2400 22,121-25,855
‘C’ Compiler 2400 22,121-25,855
‘C’ Sub Inspector 2400 22,121-25,855
‘C’ Divisional Accountant 2400 22,121-25,855


As we have provided you all the data based on the SSC Salary for the various posts, you can see them & also you can share with those who are trying to know this. You can check the other articles in here so that you can have details for the same.


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