The track PM passed through Corbett will be named “Modi Trail”


In Jim Corbett National Park, the tourism department will develop a ‘Modi Trail’ named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While joining Discovery Channel’s Man Versus Wild program, the track from where PM Modi passed will be named as Modi Trail. The tourism department is overwhelmed by the tremendous publicity the PM has got for the thrilling journey in Corbett Park. It is being described as a major achievement for the tourism of the state. Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said on Tuesday that Jim Corbett National Park has its own unique identity.

By joining Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Discovery Channel’s Man Versus Wild program. All the thrilling world of Corbett’s wildlife has gained a new identity. After this program, tourists from the country and the world will be attracted towards wildlife tourism. The manner in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced fearlessness and courage on the entire track route of Corbett.


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