Top 9 tips to clear NDA written exam – What you need to have to clear NDA Examination


Hello friends we are here to provide you the details of the NDA. Students who are studying for the NDA written test, can see the details of the written test preparation.

The career of Indian Armed Forces is one of the most glorious jobs in the country. So if you are aiming for the same, then you need to know everything for it.

How to Clear NDA Entrance Exam in 15 Days

The post of a commissioned officer is a dream of many people who are studying in the NDA classes. If you are dreaming for the job, then you can’t find it a cake walk. It is one of the most important phase of your life. There are very limited number of seats in the Defence related jobs like NDA (National Defence Academy), IMA (Indian Military Academy), NA (Naval Academy) and AFA (Air Force Academy), you have cut throat competition for seats as a result.

how to clear nda interview

So if you are trying to get admission in any of these academies, then you can see some of these tips that are based on the written examination part associated with NDA and CDS (Combined Defence Services) entrance tests.

What exactly is the written exam of NDA like?

First of all, get all the details of the written exam. To get a selection in the Training institutes, a candidate is needed to have a two phase selection process.

The first phase of written exam & the second phase of  SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview. The tips for the PABT are to clear the SSB Interview.

Blueprint of the written examination

The written exam is MCQ based. The candidates have to use the OMR sheet to answer all the questions. The examination is based on three main parts i.e. Mathematics, English and General Knowledge.

Mathematics Section

This has topics like Algebra, Trigonometry, Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Analytical question, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Ratio and proportion etc.

English Section

The main topics are mistake spotting, synonyms, antonyms, article writing, grammar related questions, comprehension etc.

General Knowledge section

The topics are from Indian history, World History and events, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.

The blueprint of the various sections is written in another article.

Useful NDA written exam tips to help you clear the examination

Solving previous years’ question papers will help much

If you are studying for the written test , then you needto solve more & more questions in the same topic. It will let you know that the questions in the exam are not very high on the basis of practice.

The question paper of multiple years may be different, but the style of question paper is always same. The questions asked in the paper are not very different than the other questions. This is a good way to make necessary ‘exam practice.

Buy NDA written exam guides

Solving the question paper will help, but is not the only way to clear the exam, you need to study more of it. Buy some guide books for the same & you will be able toknow more about the questions & some hacks to clear the exam.

Learn the shortcuts, when it comes to Mathematics

The subject mathematics is one of the most important part of any written test. If you think that you are doing fine in the section, then you should be knowing some of the shortcut methods of the subject to solve questions faster.

It will save time & will let you solve more questions in the overall exam.

Time management is of key importance

The time management is a very important part of solving the full question paper. You can try all shortcuts to save the time. Do not waste more time in one question if you don’t know it better. Always have a look on the remaining time of the same.

Beware of negative marking

The negative marking is also a factor where the maximum students lose marks. This means  each wrong question attempted by the candidate will result in 0.25 marks being deducted from the grand total!

This means that if a question attempted is wrong, then you will loose a 0.25 marks in your score. So do not try any blind guess in the questions you don’t know.

If you are not sure about any question, then you don’t need to attempt the same. This will decrease your final score.

Work on your space management skills

The space management is one of the important part of the same. The rough work you do is to solve the questions. This blank space must be used properly in order to use the place for most questions in the exam.

The most rough work we do is very limited to the blank space that is provided to you. So, in order to tackle this issue and to prevent ourselves from running out of blank space, we must practice space management. Learn to do calculations and rough work in as limited space as possible. Also, do much of the task using mental arithmetic rather than written work.

TV and NEWS Paper can be of help

Current affairs in the exam are one of the most scarse information. But if you study from the newspaper, then you can easily get all the updates well.

The use of TV & newspaper must be done in such a way that the exams will be covered easily. You need to study the National and International NEWS. Guide books alone won’t help you master Current Affairs. That’s when TV and NEWS Papers comes handy!

Extensive reading is the way to score in English section

If you are good in English from childhood, then its good . Else you need to face some problems in the same. You need to improve your skills.

The best way to improve is to start reading. You can start with English story books, novels, NEWS Papers etc will help you improve your language as well as build vocabulary at the same time. Believe me, it will also improve your grammar and writing skills to an extent.

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