Government ministers seems bit scared in the first day of Monsoon session


On the very first day of the monsoon session, government ministers were scared during Question Hour. Irrigation Minister, Satpal Maharaj and Social Welfare Minister Yash Pal saw uncomfortable on many questions of Arya legislators. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prakash Pant became the gradient seeing the ministers trapped on the questions of the Opposition and the legislators of the ruling party. As the question hour started on Tuesday, Godavari legislator Mamta Rakesh raised the issue of demanding no proposal from the legislators under Special Component Plan in front of the Social Welfare Minister. Seeing the case deteriorating, Prakash Pant had to appear before this time. Tourism minister became uncomfortable even on the question of MLA Furqan Ahmed to declare Piran Kalar as the fifth Dham Fair.

In the Question Hour, Assembly Speaker Premchand Agarwal asked the MLAs to come prepared with their questions. In fact, the VISH president allowed the MLA Deshmukh Karnwal to raise his seventh question. Karnwal started eighth question in very enthusiasm. At the behest of the legislators, the speaker asked to read the correct question. He said that it seems that the legislators have not even come from the entire preparation in the House.

All questions were answered. He said that the finance minister answered the questions of the opposition on inflation in the House. CM said that inflation is fully under control.
The reason for the increase in prices of petrol and diesel is to increase the value of crude oil internationally. CM said that the opposition should have been involved in the discussion rather than walkout. The government is patiently listening to the questions of the opposition. In such a situation, they should also listen patiently. On the law and order, he said that the government is taking strict action against criminals. The culprits of murder in Balawalah have been identified and will be arrested soon. The police are working with their readiness to control the crimes.


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