Uttarakhand is teaching students the NCERT closed chapter


NCERT books based on CBSE pattern have started studying in Uttarakhand, but Uttarakhand is unable to keep pace with NCERT. NCERT has removed four chapters from the social science books of ninth and tenth in the new semester, while the monthly syllabus released by SCERT Dehradun shows all the chapters. As a result, teachers are confused about whether these chapters will appear in the exam or not. These books include Contemporary World Part-I, Contemporary India Part-One, Democratic Politics, Economics and Disaster Management in ninth grade. Similarly, for the 10th books contemporary world part-two, contemporary India part-two, democratic politics, economics, and disaster management are used. Gulab Chandra, assistant teacher of social science at Govind Ballabh Pant Inter College, said that all these chapters in the new books have been removed. While all the chapters are shown in the monthly celebs released from SCERT Dehradun.

The social sciences are taught in five books. TheSyllabus is very much in all five books. This puts the burden of studies on the students. The burden of students will be reduced due to less chapters. Also, you will not have to read non-essential text. Board of Education prepares papers on the basis of new books. A letter will be issued to all schools in this regard. SCERT can answer why these chapters are shown in the monthly syllabus released from SCERT. SCERT received the CD of NCERT syllabus. Books are published on the same CD. Courses have been decided on the basis of the same. It will also be considered if further amendments are required.


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