Uttrakhand: No Medical reimbursement to government employees


Government employees and pensioners will no longer get medical reimbursement in exchange for treatment. The government is completely eliminating the provision of medical reimbursement after starting the unlimited cashless treatment facility at Atal Ayushman Yojana. This will save the government more than Rs 45 crore in one year. Uttarakhand currently has close to three lakh employees and pensioners. Thousands of these employees pay their bills for the expenses incurred for the treatment of their family members. In return, they are reimbursed 100 percent. In view of this, all personnel are being provided unlimited cashless treatment in Atal Ayushman Yojana. Under this scheme, the government will take minor premium from the personnel and in return, free treatment will be provided in different hospitals.

In the name of medical reimbursement in the state, there was also a large amount of money laundering. After the medical reimbursement has ceased, such activity will now be completely stopped. However, if the plan does not get satisfactory treatment then the problem of personnel will increase. In such a situation, he will not be able to get treatment in his favorite hospital. If an employee treats the treatment outside the hospital as nominated, then medical reimbursement will not be done.



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