Voter list information will now be available in just 1.5 minutes


The Toll-Free Help Line No. 1950 has been released by the Chief Electoral Officer Office before the Lok Sabha election. In just one and a half minutes by phone, anyone can know whether his name is in the voter’s list or not. If there is no name, name can also be twin in the voter list. Apart from this, downloading the Voter Helpline app from the Google Play Store from the Google Play Store can also get information about the voter list.

Laxmi Kannojia, a student of MKP in the municipal auditorium, got the first phone call on the toll-free number and took her name in only one and a half minutes to get her name in the voter list. Chief Election Officer Soujnanya, Assistant Returning Officer V Shanmugam, DM SA Murugan, CDO GS Rawat, ADM Arvind Pandey inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp.

Clicking the button, the helpline launches the helpline number. Calling helpline number can be made by voter card, information related to BLO and polling booth, voter list verification can also be done. DM SA Murugesan said that by downloading the Voter Help Line app on Google App, you can also learn about voter list. Pledged to motivate students to vote and others themselves. Additional Chief Electoral Officer Shanmugam gave detailed information about the Voter Help Line.


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