Warning about ‘sleeper cell’ raised in Uttarakhand


Police-intelligence agencies have also taken their sleeper cell with the terrorists on the radar. It is feared that after the strictness in Kashmir and after Air strikes in Pakistan, terrorists can activate their sleeper cell. Vigilance has been increased in Uttarakhand after getting alert of proxy wise from the center. Intelligence agencies have clearly stated in all alerts sent to all the states that terrorist organizations such as Jaish-e-Mohammed have come under pressure after air strikes.

Instead of strikes, they can make war crimes through sleeper cells. In such a situation, the police headquarters in Uttarakhand has instructed to monitor the special vigilance and sleeper cell in all the districts. In terms of security Uttarakhand is a very important institution especially in Dehradun. In such a situation, terrorists can choose Uttarakhand for the soft target.

There is a plan to install CCTV cameras in 86 check posts on the interstate border of the state. DG Ashok Kumar said that work on this is continuing. He said that the kind of incidents that took place in a few days, it is feared that the terrorists will activate the sleeper cell. This is being monitored closely.


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