Youth Congress leader shot himself in Ramnagar


On the Ramnagar-Haldwani road, the body of a youth Congress leader was found near his Fike’s garden in his own car. In his hand, 12 bore was found, and the bullet was shot on the wall. No suicide note was found during the incident, but inquiries from relatives and friends revealed that the young man was mentally disturbed for some time. Some time before suicide he had talked of giving some friends and giving life to Ramnagar block chief Sanjay Negi. The family has not given any tehsil in the matter.

On Sunday afternoon, at around one o’clock, the police received a young man’s body in an I-20 car in the Fike’s Garden. When the police reached the spot, Kapil Rawat (32) son Anand Singh Rawat, resident of Youth Congress leader Kishanpur Kania village, was found dead on the spot. In Kapil’s hands, there was a tire of 12 bore. The bullet was run on a forhead, which broke out, breaking the glass of the car, penetrating the head. Meanwhile, friends of the block chief Sanjay Negi, Karin and Kapil reached on the information.

Kapil Block was close to chief Sanjay Negi. The friends and the chief told that a few hours ago he had called and said that he is very upset and does not want to live. Everyone had advised him not to do anything wrong, but he committed suicide. On the other hand, mother Rama Devi and wife Prabha reached the spot when they reached the spotlight. Father Anand Singh Rawat was also in a bad situation.¬†Kotwal Vikram Singh Rathore said that in the interrogation, it is known that Kapil’s tension was in tension. It has also been revealed that the family had a dispute over something. Because of this he committed suicide. Told that after the post-mortem, the bodies were handed over to the family members.


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